The Edible Garden


Edible Garden

Colourful plants producing tasty edibles suit this atmospheric garden perfectly, yet it remains a lovely place to relax. It’s the ideal garden to grow your own herbs, vegetables and fruit. This design exploits the attractive contrast between the round lines and the sleek materials.


In this garden, the sizes of the green areas and paving are in perfect balance, which gives it a natural look and sense of security. The spacious terrace adjoining the house has room for a garden storage box or large BBQ. At the rear, there’s plenty of space for practical matters such as bikes, containers and games. To promote privacy, two standard espalier fruit apple trees are placed along the rear of the garden. Two large pots with garden herbs make everything complete.

Price €225 per m2* incl. VAT
For more information and the terms and conditions* associated with this or one of the other five gardens, please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation appointment at our company.

The end result

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