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environmentally conscious


Building a sustainable world together

Sustainability is important for Visser Tuinen. For us, sustainable means two things; environmentally conscious and durable enough to provide a lifetime of pleasure. Both of these are at the very heart of everything we do. We’d like to explain exactly what we want to express with these definitions:


Environmentally conscious

We want to help create a pleasant and environmentally conscious environment. How? The equipment we buy for our company (cars and machines) is purchased and used with an eye on limiting the emission of harmful substances as much as possible, and we also try to adapt our working methods to limit the waste we generate.

When we design, landscape and maintain gardens, we always take into account the wishes of the customer and specific living situation. Nevertheless, we try to use eco-friendly and sustainable materials as much as possible, to increase biodiversity. Every garden is indeed different when it comes to using the right, sustainable materials, so we’re happy to give personal advice about the most sustainable solution for your particular garden.

A lifetime of pleasure

Designing and landscaping always requires a significant investment. However, this is an investment you can enjoy for a lifetime. How do we guarantee this?

  1. We always respect your wishes and living situation down to the last detail;
  2. We make sure your garden is in harmony with your living environment;
  3. We use sustainable materials and plants when designing your garden;
  4. We create a balance between functionality, the environment, and use of colour;
  5. Your garden is professionally maintained to a high standard.

These are the essentials for you to enjoy a sustainable garden every single day. A lifetime of pleasure.

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