Certificates& Warranty

Visser Tuinen possesses various certificates. They confirm and guarantee the quality of our services, and the safety of our working methods. That means you, our customer, can be certain of the following:

  1. We deliver quality;
  2. We work with real craftspeople;
  3. We guarantee our work;
  4. We provide reliable aftercare for your garden;
  5. We’re affiliated with the Dutch Foundation for Consumer Complaints Boards that deals with the area we work in (Geschillencommissie Groen).
  6. VHG Landscaper guarantee.

Visser Tuinen declared Appeltern Expert Gardener by the Gardens of Appeltern

Thanks to our expertise, passion and creativity, Visser Tuinen was declared an Appeltern Expert Gardener by the Gardens of Appeltern. We’re extremely proud of this certification, as it demonstrates our dedication to our profession and the horticultural sector in general. It’s also evidence that we supply high-quality garden products, we put the customer’s happiness with their garden first, and that we’re, skilled, eager to learn, sincere, passionate, and move with the times. A fine compliment indeed!

For more about Appeltern Expert Gardener, visit the website.


VHG Landscaper guarantee

Visser Tuinen is also registered with the VHG as a landscaper. Koninklijke VHG, the Royal Association of Gardeners and Landscapers, is a trade association for green businesses, such as gardeners, landscapers, botanical designers, roof and facade greeners, and tree surgeons. Because we’re a registered VHG Landscaper, you know that you can enjoy your garden free of concerns, and the quality of our work is guaranteed. If something goes wrong, you know it will be resolved: your VHG Landscaper guarantee.

For more info about the VHG trade association, visit the website.



Visser Tuinen is SCC certified (The Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors, known as VCA in Dutch). This demonstrates that we comply with laws and regulations, such as health and safety. The standard also contains additional requirements to increase safety awareness during work.

For more information about the SCC certificate, visit the website.



It has become very difficult to find trained personnel. The shortage on the labour market and a decrease in the number of students registering for courses related to greenery has made good professionals more important than ever. We therefore think it’s extremely important that vocational students (BBL/BOL) studying in this area either mainly at school or on-the-job are properly supervised. For this reason, we’re a member of TRI groei in groen, an organisation which supports students and helps them complete their courses.

For more info about the trade association TRI groei in groen, visit the website.


Foundation for cooperation on Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB)

Businesses and educational programmes related to greenery need each other badly. SSB brings them together. Businesses welcome students with up-to-date knowledge to their premises, with direct access to green knowledge bases, while educational institutions can be certain that their students can start working as proper professionals immediately after completing a course.

SBB is also committed to lifelong learning. Employees of affiliated companies can easily follow courses, and progress further in their profession.

For more info about the SBB, visit the website.


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