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The ready-to-use cassette

Have you always wanted a sustainable, natural green roof? It’s arranged in no time with the MobiRoof green roofing system from Mobilane!

Thanks to its light weight and the fine dimensions of the cassettes, the system is easy to install on almost all garages, dormer windows, extensions and garden houses.

Different types of sedum plants are planted in the substrate in the unique cassette system. This substrate serves as a growing medium, drain, and reservoir. Another advantage? The cassette can be moved to a different position! The sedum roof can therefore be designed exactly the way you want it.

3626 visser tuinen voorschoten sedumroof extensief green roof detail
visser tuinen mobiroof green roof sedum
visser tuinen green roof sedum scaled

A roof for
a green future

The cassette is a circular green roofing system. It’s made from recycled materials, and is itself fully recyclable. This reduces the pressure on the environment, and means less waste for the planet to deal with. In addition, the greenery in the cassettes is pre-grown locally using Mobilane’s own cuttings.

Sedum planting

The plants improve air quality by absorbing CO2 and retaining particulates. The green roofing prevents UV rays from reaching the roof covering, which significantly extends the life of the underlying roof. The sedum cassettes also protect the underlying roof against the vagaries of the weather.


Looks stunning during every season;

Collects and buffers rainwater;

Virtually maintenance-free;

Easy to install;

Protects existing roofing against UV and solar heat;


Easy to reposition;

Increases biodiversity.


Did you know that you can apply for a grant to help install the MobiRoof system? The system weighs around 38 kg/m2 when dry, and around 58 kg/m2 when completely filled with water. This entitles you to subsidies and tax benefits in many municipalities. For more information, contact your municipality.


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